Reviews of the original edition of Little Rivers, 1995

“This splendid collection of essays, reprinted from periodicals like the New York Times, Rod & Reel, and Trout, is remarkable especially because Page is able to be lyrical while writing matter-of-fact prose. The book’s charm is enhanced by [her] personal history.” Publishers Weekly

“As lovely, lyrical, and irresistible as a spring creek … a graceful intertwining of fishing yarns with meditations on the sorrows and pleasures of life.” author Jerry Dennis

“One of our most respected angling writers … Margot Page can’t write an ungraceful sentence. I’ll take this elegant book any day.” Fly Rod & Reel Magazine

“The kind of lucidity, wit, and passion that makes writing that endures … Margot Page has the freshest, most original eye fly-fishing literature has been blessed with in years.”  novelist W.D. Wetherell

“This gorgeously illustrated, tight-knit little collection of essays is a joyous book, full of rich generational dimensions, and informed throughout by the life of water. The essays range widely and are full of wonderful anecdotes.” poet John Engels

“Gracious and gracefully written … notable among angling books … Page seems to know where to draw the line and when to put the snapshots back in her wallet. At her best, she writes in a well-schooled lyric realism that reminds me of Gretel Ehrlich of The Solace of Open Spaces, one of the finest recent books about the West.” Fly Fisherman Magazine

“A unique look at the world of fly fishing and at one woman’s place in it.” Indianapolis News

“Author Margot Page has written this for every woman who has ever thought about fly fishing. Page’s graceful prose in Little Rivers describes the differences between men’s and women’s approaches to fishing; it also deal with issues in life.” Gazette Telegraph, Colorado Springs

“Here’s the unusual fly-fishing book by a woman, one who is, moreover, an angler who knows what she is doing and doesn’t have to take second place to any fisherman … Page refreshingly doesn’t present the pumped-up prose most male fisher-writers indulge in. Rather, she just tells a few tales about her fishing experiences, producing a book, that … is a kinder, gentler read than we normally get from its genre. An enjoyable read that anglers should take the time to get to know.” Booklist

“While more and more books seem to reach too far, try too hard, and claim too much, there are a few that are content to be, modestly, what they are and to say to the reader, merely, ‘Enjoy.’ So many books are physically heavy and intellectually ponderous that you come across something like Little Rivers by Margot Page with relief and delight. It is the kind of book that reminds you of what people mean when they talk about reading for pleasure.” American Way Magazine

“Page adds a touch of light poetry to a genre little known for graceful writing.” Kirkus Reviews